Season 2018/2019 and intention for next season

In recent years MEANDER THERMAL & SKI RESORT ORAVICE has seen a relative upturn in the construction and expansion of the main ski resort, with the chief objective of improving skiing conditions, as well as improving and expanding existing services for visitors.

This year we focused mainly on the very youngest skiers and in time for the 2018/2019 winter season, we’ve prepared a children’s ski area for them at the bottom of the centre, just above AQUAPARK. To increase their safety, this will be separate from the downhill slopes. At the same time, significant landscaping work has been carried out in this part, allowing the very youngest visitors to the resort to take their first steps in skiing. The resort is now equipped with two ski belts, one 110 m long, which also serves as an approach device for the DOPPELMAYR 1SL surface lift, and one 50m long. The downhill slopes are gentle (max. inclination 5%), so that even beginners can improve their skiing.

More skilful skiers have the option of using the surface lift service, where they can get off at one of the three exit points. If required, however, they can disconnect anywhere on the track according to the operator’s instructions. The entire children’s area, as well as the Magura ski slope connected to the Doppelmayer 1SL surface lift, is illuminated in the evening, and the operator prepares one of two evening skiing options.

At the same time, a new diesel generator was put into operation this year to fully cover the energy requirements of both the SKI and AQUAPARK centres. The diesel generator is controlled by a modern information system that allows the switch to the back-up power source without visitors to the resort ever noticing the outage. The design of the diesel generator allows for continuous operation over a period of days to weeks, ensuring the operation of the centre even during long-term outages in the Oravice region.

In this, we were also able to extend the snowmaking system to include new, powerful terminal devices. The control system has also been upgraded to make it more modern and comfortable to use. The snowmaking system was also extended to cover newly created ski routes. Existing routes have been adapted and improved.

For the upcoming season, we have increased the number of downhill runs and landscaped existing tracks to further increase comfort and skiing conditions. At the upper part of the resort a new ski slope has been added that leads from the main Osobitá slope to the Skorušiná 2 slope.

For the 2018/2019 season we have also built and prepared the option of evening skiing on two downhill courses connected to the DOPPELMAYER 1SL surface lift (poma type) – the Magura and Skorušiná 1 slopes. These attractive tracks of moderate difficulty are located in the lower part of the ski resort. They are suitable for all visitors regardless of age and skiing ability.

All the new features prepared for the 2018/2019 season expand visitor’s opportunities to visit the adjacent AQUAPARK and relax in hot geothermal water pools at any time. The view over the illuminated ski tracks from the outdoor thermal pools is an unforgettable experience.